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IPL 20-20 Tips for Social Media Strategies 2018


Over the years, social media has grown leaps and bounds. The way we perceive the social platform has changed drastically being in a dynamic platform, social media has molded the marketers in a new way.

To get a better understanding, we have come up with an extensive research on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. that will let you gauze the changing trend.

Take a look:

1. Hashtag, The New Resurgence
The hashtag has found its way on various social platforms like Instagram, Facebook and the latest pick is Twitter. Although, the concept is quite new but people have really picked it up by following hashtags.

People are eventually catching up with it. But the time is not far away when the user interaction will heavily rely on hashtags and its algorithm. Therefore, the trend will push for more competition and people following it first will reap the maximum.

2. The Business Perspective of Instagram
The instaStories are the popular buzz of the town. The Instagram continue to promote Stories to users within the actual “news feed.”

It lets you connect with your followers in a more transparent way and connects with them instantly. The Instagram Stories can help you to gather more followers and grow your presence across untouched territories.

The buck doesn’t stop here only, Instagram is also offering business profiles and tools for business owners. One can also see posts which can direct the user to your online store.

3. The New Avatar of Paid Facebook Advertisements
Advertisements are always an integral part of any organization or a campaign. But the plight of organic search has hit the new low and we can’t see any rejuvenation from there.

Facebook Advertising

Gradually, the practice of sole dependence on organic strategy is coming to an end. The paid model is getting better of it.

But even the paid model also calls for impeccable placement of content, the context around it, the tools you use, managing expenditure, advertisement positioning and much more.

On the top of it, ads are quantifiable. It lets you track the metrics of each ad or promoted the post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. So no more struggle to wrap up the month-end report.

4. LinkedIn Rejuvenation
The people’s mindset about the LinkedIn platform is undergoing some enigmatic change. Lately, LinkedIn was assumed as an old-fashioned network. But in the last couple of years, professionals are literally realizing the untapped opportunities of LinkedIn.

With the time lapse, LinkedIn stands out to be one of the top picks by business houses. This has resulted in fierce competition among connections or followers which involves more conversation.

All of this activity will definitely fetch the attention of ad inventories which will rocket the competition and advertisement cost as well. Someday, we might see LinkedIn growth at par with social media giants like Facebook and Instagram.

The driving cost of Facebook may also be taken into consideration for switching the advertisement platform.

5. Blow to Facebook
The recent scandal of data theft has rocked whole of the silicon valley. The revelation has ultimately affected the business prospects of the company.

Moreover, one can find very slow organic growth on Facebook as most of the space is occupied by the paid advertisements.

According to social media marketing predictions, the past popularity won’t let Facebook die such a slow death. We expect the company’s think tank to come up with something exceptional to turn up the fortune.

6. The Demand for Authentic Content
The year 2017 saw the birth of a very popular phrase of “fake news.” It was Facebook which came up with the idea of checking into rumors and fake content. Even, Mark Zuckerberg came out in full support of making people aware of it.

Demand of content

Hence, people have become very vigilant on trusting anything that may crop up on social media channels. The authenticity of the article or the information has become a must-add ingredient.

7. Videos to Remain as The Need of The Hour
The business entities which are not investing into video advertisements are into some serious trouble. The videos are the key aspect to drive popularity or sales.As per to reports, over 500 million people are engaged in viewing videos daily on Facebook.

Therefore, letting go such opportunities will only hurt the business sentiments. It is always good to display in visuals rather than going with old-age writing. The company who is more into making out some healthy video content will always have an edge over others.

The days are long gone when videos shot on professional cameras were supposed to be qualified to be put in front of the target audience. The videos shot on mobile cameras are doing wonders in terms of swaying the companies performance.

8. The Utilization of Facebook Groups
The upcoming generation is more into building relationship marketing. People focus on weaving meaningful connections which can be achieved through various social media platforms and one of the ways is to create relevant groups through Facebook.

Companies are required to create altogether an exclusive group that matches the brand’s demand and requirements. This will ultimately lead to better understanding among people and companies. Overall, such an initiative will bridge the gap between user and the company by weaving business pages and groups differently.

Such a group will directly need a direct supervision by a community manager who will be taking care of all aspect of that particular group involving quality content.

9. The New-Age of VR
The next best thing that can hit the social media audience is the augmented reality. Brands like Facebook and Snapchat will hit the bull’s eye with such an opportunity.

New Age of VR


It will be really interesting to see how the major social media houses strike the deal with VR (virtual reality). To some, it may come up as the platform to bridge the gap between storytelling and story living. It will involve 3D technology with the 360-degree view of the virtual environment.

Here videos can play a huge role in expressing the ideas of a company. For example, Facebook is leaving no stone unturned to surpass YouTube and Netflix as the source for video content. The videos are getting more organic search than content.

10. Amassing The Intended Audience
The demand for acquiring new audience has increased many folds in the recent years. The brands have to be spot-on for the optimal use of social media and content marketing.

Every bit of information shared by the company with its audience will play a significant role in guiding the growth chart. Activities like visiting a page, viewing an advertisement, requesting a download, watching a video, viewing a broadcast etc. will considerably affect the companies reputation.

11. Personal Engagement on Social Media Channels
The content and advertising spend are the prime functional area for any brand but the real test lies in community and authentic sharing. The mindset of people has changed from direct marketing to deeper conversations and stories.

The companies which will take this aspect into consideration will come out as a winner in the coming days.

12. The Prominence of Videos

In this fast-paced world, writing a 300 to 400-word article is too time-consuming and need some time from your quality schedule. Therefore, the answer to such an uncertainty is short videos. The type of video can range from live video, produced video, Snapchat video, Instagram video to even YouTube video.

13. Role of CEOs
The CEOs are the front face of any brand. There views and thoughts reflect what exactly their brand is up to. The top management can no longer avoid social media.

They can actually engage bast number of audience through their social media channels. It can be through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The company’s social media marketing strategy is directly in influenced by their actions. This also let the audience to engage with the brand representative on a personal basis.

14. The Impact of Instagram on Top Brands
The aura of Instagram is such that it has become one of the fastest growing social media platforms worldwide. According to reports, there were 15 million businesses were using Instagram in July 2017. Interestingly, the figures are almost double of the 8 million in March 2017. So here you can aptly see a huge difference.

The new feature of life stories is cherry on the cake. The Instagram can be taken as the additional source of advertisement and branding by any company.

15. The Dominance of Twitter
Twitter remains one of the youngest members of the social media family but its acceptance can’t be denied. Even the governments are making the most of it.



The presence of more than 330 million can’t be ignored by companies worldwide. Twitter remains one of the top platforms to take an upper edge over your competitors.

At this point in time, Twitter can take the leverage of high advertisement cost charged by Facebook and Instagram.

16. The Significance of Facebook Reviews
Reviews are one of the factors which can influence people regarding any product or brand. Even reviews drive the sales growth of e-commerce giant Amazon. The prominence of reviews can be seen on Facebook also.

Any comment on a post can vastly affect the user experience and a like or share on the page is always welcomed. Even the employee feedback on his company page is of great significance.

17. LinkedIn Boosts Ads Performance
To compete in this fast-changing scenario, LinkedIn is doing everything possible to sustain its audience. LinkedIn has come up with some top of the line performance in the recent year.

The recent feature of added video for all personal accounts is one of the initiatives. Others include testing geofilters for videos, lots of extreme updates to their messaging platform, and that too when LinkedIn has over 500 million monthly users.

The silver lining in the LinkedIn case is that it is a purely business platform. Therefore, the value of the users is higher in the global standing.

18. Loss of Market Share for Facebook
In the recent past, Facebook marketing strategy has really flourished on videos. According to reports, videos are the most shared and viral content on Facebook, which automatically puts it above content section.


Loss of facebook market

But at the same time, Facebook has limited its functionality to few grey areas only and it has severely affected it’s business.

19. Saturation on Social Media
Yes, you read it right. There is a time when social media platforms hit the saturation point. Let’s take up the case of Facebook. It’s time when business is finding it hard to purpose anything big on Facebook.

As per social media marketing predictions, the dearth of organic search kills the very aspect of real branding on a page like Facebook.

20. The Role of AI in Service Quality
The role of AI and human experience is always a debatable issue. The involvement of human and AI can hugely affect the user experience on any social media platform.

Sometimes, it gets hard for a human to engage a large number of user at a given time. Here the role of AI comes into consideration. We all know, AI can better simulate data and get out of any kind of chaos.

The only thing which worries us is that AI will dehumanize sales and digital marketing efforts. We simply can’t deny the very existence of technology in our life. Rather than criticizing it, we need to learn things in better way.

The above-discussed trends are the perfect example of how the social media channels are affecting our lives. Why has it become so important for us to squeeze every opportunity from such social media platforms? We need to adapt to unique branding strategies which can affect us in coming future. Confining ourselves to existing trends won’t help any brand to grow.

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