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Marketing Mantras By Netflix India

India has seen a mega evolution of television media in the past few decades- from All India Radio and Doorshan to DTH and Online streaming portals, and finally to the world’s leading online streaming network- Netflix.

Netflix has over 69 million members in over 60 countries enjoying more than 100 million hours of shows. After its successful kick-start in 2017, Netflix India is reported to have half a million subscribers, challenging the present players in the genre.

In spite of India having a poor internet penetration and unregulated piracy laws, Netflix has gained popularity since its inception. For a service provider it is essential that they have heavy traffic of consumers and it all boils down to how one has marketed their brand– both offline and online.

  1. Personalized shows

Netflix tailored the shows to satisfy the Filmy taste buds of Indian customers and created a brand image amongst consumers. Apart from streaming conventional American content, Netflix released many original Indian shows. The first step in their marketing strategy- targeting the right demographic i.e. People who are young, have disposable income and lazy enough to stream shows on their smartphones rather than turning on their TV.

Netflix also introduced offline viewing where shows can be downloaded on apps which led to an increase in the screen-time amongst the Desi audience.

  1.  Free trial Netflix came up with the first-month

Free trial for the Indian audience and it turned out to the biggest USP. Previously all subscriptions had to be paid up with credit card without offering customers a glimpse of what they are actually signing up for,  leaving customers in a contemplative situation, whether Netflix is worth the money or not. But once the free trial and debit card payment was introduced it became a hit as people experienced the ease of viewing shows. Although it is heavy on the pocket for some, thousands of Indians still prefer Netflix over Hotstar or Amazon Prime Video.

3.       Viral Marketing on Social media 

After achieving popularity, Netflix strategized its social media marketing through Instagram and twitter handles. They took to making memes and battling twitter wars to catch the eye of the youth; this gathered a lot more fame for them. They created a series of Radhika Apte memes on Instagram after the Bollywood actress appeared in three Netflix original shows. The actress became quite popular in the meme community and her show, Sacred Games, became a huge hit within a few weeks of its release. Their strategy was to target the youth and gel as one of them by obtaining fame using memes, Instagram posts and jovial Twitter wars.

Netflix also released promotional teasers for some shows with the aid of fellow Indian comedians and content creators

  1. Accommodate the Indian internet speeds

India’s internet speed has been ranked as one of the slowest in Asia and Netflix changed the code to accommodate the Indian network speeds. Netflix, being a metered video streaming service, has been tailored to consume a minimum speed of 0.5 Mbps, thanks to a combination of low data costs offered by Reliance Jio.



India may still take some time to become the largest consumer of Netflix and is still way behind and Hotstar. But with their persistence, Netflix can change the  TV entertainment for all of us in the coming future.

Summary of the gyan

1: Personalize things: Every customer has unique preferences.

2: Free Trial – Give trial of your product and service.

3: Use digital marketing tools – Social Media, Emails & Blogs use it to brand your business.

4: Serve as per your market standard – Internet speed is eg of market standard.

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